If you've been following me for a few weeks, you know that I'm currently on a weight-loss, health-gain program (my own program, of course!). Today I'd like to share with you how I lost 10 pounds of extra weight in just four weeks--all by drinking water, being comfortably active, and taking a few key supplements.

I didn't cut my food intake (that being said, I eat healthy food 90% of the time anyway). I didn't LIVE in the gym. I used a balance of exercise, food, and water to bring about weight loss and reduce my inflammation. Before starting this program, my body was filled with so much inflammation that bending over to tie my shoes was almost impossible. Until this program, my joint pain had been borderline debilitating.  As many of you know, I had to step away from treating patients because of it.

My Exercise Routine

My first two weeks were about de-stressing. Every day I walked,  and added a little jog here and there, for a maximum of 20-30 minutes a day. Just being outside was a huge mental help to me and it felt great to get my body moving again.

In the third and fourth weeks, I switched into fast weight lifting (called HIT training). I used lighter weights to allow for a faster pace and higher volume of reps. I did HIIT training five days a week with two off days (Wednesday and Sunday). I never spent more than 40 minutes at the gym, per workout.

My Drinking + Eating Routine

The first two weeks were all about flushing my body with water.  I didn't change anything in my diet other than drinking TONS of water--10-20 ounces per hour!  This helped flush the inflammation from my body and further detox my system. Here's the Natural Thirst Challenge that inspired me.

For the third and fourth weeks, I kicked my metabolism in gear by eating every two hours.  (It felt amazing to eat so much food. When I was treating patients, I never realized how hungry I was, and how little I was eating.) Each meal mainly focused on a good amount of fat with a little protein and more fruits and veggies than what I would normally eat.

My Supplement Routine

For the entire month, I took anti-inflammatory and gut-healing supplements. This group of supplements, when used together, created a powerful reaction that allowed me to workout without getting very sore. The gut-healing supplement works on healing my intestines (the root of my inflammation).

Here's my supplement list:

  • Joint Optimizer
  • G.I Integrity
  • Magnesium Glycinate
  • Promega 2000

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