Would you like to cut your sugar cravings? Would you like to have more energy throughout the day without the ups and downs?

I went from a severe, I-need-rehab chocolate addict who craved sugar every 2-3 hours to someone who doesn’t crave sugar at all. YES, I said that. I craved sugar hard core. I would barely make it from meal to meal without getting into a severe crash and brain fog.

“Gimme that sugar” is all I could think about when it was time to eat. Two weeks after I started adding more fat into my food, including bulletproof coffee, I was freed of my addiction. I was able to stay focused and not crash between meals. My sugar cravings went almost completely away. (I say almost because I know I’m going to eat chocolate until the day I die.)

So, what is bulletproof coffee?

There are four different versions I’ve found useful and easy to implement in my crazy life. If you google bulletproof coffee, you’ll find a cookbook’s worth of recipes, however most of them have multiple, excessive ingredients. I’ve narrowed down a recipe that is effective, affordable, and oh-so possible.

  • Two large spoonfuls of cold-pressed coconut oil (we could argue all day over the best coconut oil; just pick one for now)
  • OR two large spoonfulls of butter (start with what you have, but eventually graduate to grass-fed butter)
  • A scoop of MCT oil

Add these ingredients to a cup of freshly brewed coffee. Mix for 30 seconds in a blender for best results.

Why is bulletproof coffee so effective?

Most people don’t get enough good fats in their diet, which causes them to have a chemical imbalance, especially as it relates to their energy levels. By adding good fats to daily life, the body will avoid an energy crisis and help prevent a crash between sugary meals. Bulletproof coffee creates chemical balance within the body.

It takes a little time for the body to get used to this new chemical reaction. I recommend adding more fats to each meal (olive oil, avocados, avocado oil, etc) to encourage this chemical reaction to become the new norm in your body, not the happy exception.