The Recipe

The concept behind the Good Fat Lifestyle is to add more fat to the diet for the purpose of balancing carbs and proteins. This particular recipe is a way to enjoy bread and not feel guilty about it.

1 egg-based croissant
Several strips of bacon
A thick slice of ham
1 egg
Several slices of your favorite cheese

How to Shop

While you might pay more for healthy ingredients, keep in mind that these ingredients use fewer preservatives and contain so much more nutrition than “traditional” ingredients that you’ll actually eat less. (That being said, don’t go overboard with your grocery spending. Buy healthy ingredients as you can afford them and, ideally, progress toward more natural–and, yes, expensive–ingredients over time.)

The Croissant
Your croissant needs to be egg-based. Do not buy the canned dough version. Instead, buy from the bakery section or, even better, buy from an actual bakery. Try to find a bigger croissant that looks more sandwich-sized and less like a treat.

A croissant is a great way to avoid the pitfalls of normal bread. This tasty little morsel is made with tons of butter, which balances out the carbs. Also, croissants are typically made with less ingredients. Fresh from the baker, they contain as few as 6 ingredients.

The Ham and Bacon

I prefer a thicker bacon bought directly from the meat market. (Keep in mind that traditionally-packaged bacon requires a longer shelf life and is packed with more preservatives.) Try to get a high-quality bacon. The center cut has more meat and less pure fat.

The Egg
Look for free-range or cage-free eggs. Avoid the bleached white eggs–they are tasteless and contain almost zero nutrition. Many grocery stores now carry farm-fresh eggs. They are not as unattainable as you may have thought.

Do not buy pre-sliced or shredded cheese ever again! They are sprayed with chemicals to make them last longer. Buy your favorite block cheese instead.

How to Cook

Cook the bacon. (We usually cook a whole pan full and save the extra in a Zip-lock bag for later.) Cook the egg in the bacon grease. We like ours over medium (slight gel-like appearance), as this seams to have the most flavor without making a mess.

Layer the cheese, egg, more cheese, ham, and bacon between two halves of the croissant.

BOOM, you now have a mouth-watering breakfast that fuels you for the morning. A glass of whole, grass-fed milk washes it down perfectly.

Why It’s Healthy

Overall this meal gives you enough fat to balance out the protein and the carbs, providing steady energy throughout the morning.