our Why

At ISS, we truly believe healthcare could be a lot better. Because of that, we've successfully removed politics from our clinic by no longer accepting insurance (except for Medicare, as required by law).

If you would like reimbursement from your insurance provider after paying for our services, you may send your bill to your insurance. Depending on your policy, you may receive reimbursement.

our Difference

Our profession is based around years of training in proper body mechanics. Not only do we focus on sports medicine, but we are also certified in Sports Science and Rehabilitation.

We have extensive training in the mechanics of every sport. We look at how the joints move in relation to dynamic parameters like power output and speed. From those, we gather information about your body and develop a plan from there. 

our mission

Our mission is to be the chiropractors who coach you to live an active, pain-free live. From our meticulous treatment and stellar care to our patient education, athletic development, and nutrition programs, we are living out our motto, "Live active, and be well."

It is our goal to help others as we would want to be helped. 

  • We will always answer a question in an honest and sincere manner. 
  • We will never stop learning. If we do not know something, we know someone who does. 
  • We will always be there to listen and do all that is in our power to help while never compromising our values or morals. 
  • We vow to deliver the best healthcare possible.

We want to make the Madison, Wisconsin, community a better place, a place where youth athletes and active people know how to take control of their own healthcare. Our goal is to reach 30,000 patients, as well as 20,000 youth sports participants.